NIC-level Support for Quality of Service (QoS)


Emerging applications targeted for clusters are inherently interactive and collaborative in nature. These applications demand end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) in addition to performance. Achieving predictable performance and ability to exploit resource adaptivity are also common requirements of these next generation applications. Providing QoS mechanisms for clusters to satisfy the demands of next generation applications is a challenging task.


We have suggested NIC-level rate control mechanism and coordinated admission control/scheduling mechanism. The rate control mechanism works by controlling the rate at which packets are injected at the source NIC into the network. The admission control/scheduling mechanism maintains global knowledge of cluster traffic patterns. We also provide an interface so that applications can specify bandwidth requirements of their flows to the underlying network.

Conferences & Workshops (3)


M.S. Thesis (2)

1 S. Senapathi, QoS-Aware Middleware to Support Interactive and Resource Adaptive Applications on Myrinet Clusters, Sep 2002
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