Systems Seminar

The group organizes a weekly `Systems Seminar'. It is held on every Friday from 3:30-5:00pm. It is attended by faculty and students of the group. Both external and internal speakeres are featured in this seminar series. The seminar ends with a Pizza party. It provides an excellent opportunity for faculty and students in the group to exchange information and interact (both professionally and socially).

The announcements regarding speakers of this seminar series are sent by e-mails and posted to different newsgroups (within the department and campus). If you are interested in being added to this mailing list, please subscribe to the mailing list

There is also a newsgroup to discuss all issues related to systems research at OSU/CIS. You are encouraged to post questions and articles to this group.

Speakers of Winter '02 quarter are as follows.




Winter 2002

Feb. 1st Dr. Fabrizio Petrini
Los Alamos Laboratories
Buffered CoScheduling:
A New Approach to Optimize Resource Utilization in a Paral lel/Distributed System
Feb. 8th

Dr. Scott Pakin
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

High-Performance Computing on
Commodity-Based Clusters

Feb. 22nd Dr. Anoop Singhal
Lucent Technologies
Murray Hill, New Jersey
A Design Databa se for VLSI/CAD Applications









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