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Welcome to the High-End Computing Systems Group at the Computer and Information Science Department.
In this group, we address cutting-edge research challenges with focus on multi-disciplinary applications. We cover the entire range, from the Applications level, through the Systems Software level, to the Networking and Communications level, in developing high-end systems and enabling their use in application areas. Areas of research focus include:

  • Data-intensive Computing
  • Data Mining and Database Sytems
  • High-Performance Scientific Computing
  • Middleware and Compilers
  • Network-based Computing
Funding of our projects has been obtained from competitive national programs such as NSF ITR, DOE ASCI, and DOE SciDAC. We collaborate with National Laboratories and Consortia (Argonne, Oak Ridge, NPACI, Pacific Northwest Labs., Sandia), Industrial Research Laboratories (IBM, Intel, HP), and several departments at OSU, in the Colleges of Engineering, Math and Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences; and the Ohio Supercomputer Center   Some of the faculty in our group have joint appointments with the Biomedical Informatics Department at OSU.

Faculty and Research Interests

Research Scientists

  • Ruoming Jin
  • Pete Wyckoff
    • Cluster Computing, Gigabit Ethernet, Message Passing Interface (MPI)

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