Welcome to the Network-Based Computing (NBC) Laboratory at the Computer Science and Engineering Department!

Many state-of-the-art and exciting research projects are being carried out by various members of the group, including:

The MVAPICH2 software, based on MPI 3.1 standard, delivers the best performance, scalability and fault tolerance for high-end computing systems and servers using InfiniBand, Omni-Path, Ethernet/iWARP, and RoCE networking technologies. This software is being used by more than 3,025 organizations in 89 countries worldwide to extract the potential of these emerging networking technologies for modern systems. As of Oct '19, more than 609,000 downloads have taken place from this project's site. This software is also being distributed by many vendors as part of their software distributions.

Multiple software libraries for Big Data processing and management, designed and developed by the group under High-Performance Big Data (HiBD) Project are available. These include: 1) RDMA-enabled Apache Hadoop Software library providing native RDMA (InfiniBand Verbs and RoCE) support for multiple components (HDFS, MapReduce and RPC) of Apache Hadoop; 2) RDMA-enabled Spark Software library providing native RDMA (InfiniBand Verbs and RoCE) support; 3) RDMA-Memcached Software library for providing native RDMA (InfiniBand Verbs and RoCE) support for Memcached used in Web 2.0 environment; and 4) OSU High-performance Big data Benchmarks (OHB). Sample performance numbers and download instructions for these packages are available from the above-mentioned website. These libraries are currently being used by more than 315 organizations worldwide in 30 countries. More than 31,450 downloads of this software have taken place from the project website alone.

The objectives of the research group are as follows:

  • Proposing new designs for high performance network-based computing systems by taking advantages of modern networking technologies and computing systems
  • Developing better middleware, API, and programming environments so that modern network-based computing applications can be developed and implemented in a scalable and high performance manner
  • Performing the above research in an integrated manner (by taking systems, networking, and applications into account)
  • Focusing on experimental computer science research

Multiple Positions available in the group:
1) Post-Doc/Research Scientist
2) MPI Software Engineer/Programmer

The projects in the Laboratory are funded by U.S. National Science Foundation, U.S. DOE Office of Science, U.S. Department of Defense, Ohio Board of Regents, Ohio Department of Development, Cisco Systems, Cray, Intel, Linux Networx, Mellanox, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Pattern Computer, QLogic, and Sun Microsystems; and equipment donations from Advanced Clustering, AMD, Appro, Chelsio, Dell, Fulcrum, Fujitsu, Intel, Mellanox, Microway, NetEffect, Pattern Computer, QLogic and Sun. Other technology partner includes: TotalView.


The MVAPICH team is now on Twitter! Follow us for up to date information on our events and tutorials! #MVAPICH.

Upcoming Tutorials: Accelerating Big Data Processing and Associated Deep Learning at Supercomputing 2018 . Past Tutorials presented at: ISCA 2018, ASPLOS 2018, and HPCA 2018.

Talk on TensorFlow Acceleration Presented at DataWorks Summit, Berlin, Germany.

Talk on Deep Learning over Big Data (DLoBD) presented at Spark + AI Summit

Tutorial: High Performance Distributed Deep Learning - A Beginner’s Guide, presented at PPoPP 2018 and Hot Interconnect 2017.