Clustered Storage and File Systems

In modern clusters, I/O is quickly emerging as the main bottleneck limiting performance. The need for scalable parallel I/O and file systems is becoming more and more urgent. The performance of network storage systems is often limited by overhead in the I/O path, such as memory copying, network access costs, and protocol overhead. High speed networking architectures such as InfiniBand and Quadrics create opportunities to address these issues without changing fundamental principles of production operating systems.

We have examined the feasibility of leveraging InfiniBand and Quadrics technology to improve I/O performance and scalability of cluster file systems. By taking advantage of user-level networking and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) we have implemented The Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS) over InfiniBand and the second generation of Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS2) over Quadrics. In addition, we have suggested Unifier to unify file cache management and communication buffer management for PVFS over InfiniBand. Moreover, we have exploited InfiniBand RDMA to improve iSCSI. We plan to extend these research activities to provide high performance storage solution for InfiniBand clusters.

Broad research issues being investigated in this direction:



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